Thursday, April 29, 2010

Homemade Laundry Soap and Tree Huggin'

Today I mixed my very first batch of homemade laundry soap using these three ingedients. SUPER easy. I grated a bar of ivory soap (yes, using my kitchen cheese grater) and then mixed it with the washing soda and borax and viola! Powdered laundry detergent!

I only need to use one tablespoon per load.

In other news, I got my clothesline in from Amazon yesterday and hung it the tree waaaaaay out in the yard, and it reaches almost all the way to the house. I can hang 40 feet of laundry outside! Just call me the pioneer woman!

Oh, and here's the clothespin bag I made from a kitchen towel. Took about 20 minutes, total cost: $0

Come on summer!! I can't wait to see my laundry flapping in the breeze!


Jill said...

I can't see the pictures! :(

Alexia said...

I fixed the pictures!