Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter 2010

Here is the lineup from Easter this year! I didn't count the photos, but as I was uploading them it seemed this post is a bit Carly-heavy... No other reason than I have a certain son who likes to hide from the camera, not unlike a certain husband I have, who in turn gets it from certain parents. So, the girl gets the clicks! Enjoy!

~Easter Egg Hunt #1, at a church/mops friend's house~

I can't remember what this is about, but I love the face!

We had another egg hunt in our backyard for our neighbors, but sadly BOTH my cameras were out of commission. One had a full memory card, and the other had a dead battery! I am hoping one of my neighbors will email me a few pics! (hint, hint!!)

~Easter Egg Hunt #3 at our friends' house, who happen to live next door to my in-laws. Small town, you know. ~

Love this picture.. he's caught in motion.. and looks so cool!

Checking out the loot

Found one more!

The rings were prizes inside the eggs. Perfect for this little drama diva!

~Easter Sunday~

We went to an awesome worship service and Sunday School lesson, then out to the Rice's for lunch.. yummy too! Thank you P and J for such a wonderful afternoon!

Carly laughing at someone's antics

She LOVED her pretty white dress! She had been wanting to wear it for days before Easter!

This was the best picture of both of them, and the only one with Caleb making a pleasant face

One more egg hunt, just the two of them.

Opening all the eggs in comfort

"Can I pleeeeease eat this one too?"

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