Saturday, December 29, 2007

Greg's deer

Greg got his first deer yesterday. A nice 8 pointer! I am so excited to have MEAT! He is going to keep the horns but not mount the head, thank goodness. Where on earth would I put that? The garage is all that comes to mind. ha! Here are a couple of pics I got this morning. Our dads got some better ones out at the ranch but I don't have those yet.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Baby Update

Doctor appointment today went well. According to them, I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow, which is full term. I told them I don't want to be induced at all unless medically necessary, and she said she would let me go until 41 weeks, and then she induces no matter what. There's no way I'll make it that far though. Things are progressing already, and she even went as far as to tell me to take it easy this weekend because she's not on call and wants to be able to deliver my baby when she gets back on call.. I told her I'm not interested in having a baby this weekend since Greg is gone hunting and can't really answer his phone to come rushing home! She can just stay in until at least Saturday night when Greg gets home.

Since I'm not officially at 37 weeks yet, she said I am "threatened preterm labor" until tomorrow when I turn 37 weeks. No big deal with that though. The ultrasound also showed my placenta is getting old, which means it's about to quit working and kick the baby out. As long as fluid levels stay ok I won't need to be induced but if i notice less movements then I will need to go to the hospital and get checked out.

Progress! Baby! Wheeee!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Pics

Here are a few pictures from Caleb's last Christmas as an only child! He liked ripping the presents open, so much that he didn't want to stop ripping when he got to the inside!

At the Rices:

Santa Claus on Christmas morning at home:

Christmas Day with Papa and Mimi, Grannie and Tracy, Melody and Cody:

Uncle Dodo:

And this video is the one of Caleb ripping like a pro. Be sure to watch the last 10 seconds of the video!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

surgery update

(another repost from About the Babes)

We are already home from the surgery and Caleb is sleeping away. He is totally out of it. He woke up very angry from the anesthesia and it took Greg manhandling him to calm him down, and even then it was hard. He cried so much! When they brought us back for the after-surgery doc consult we could hear him screaming down the hall. Less than 5 minutes later (it's usually about 20) they came to get us to try to help calm him down. I tried to but he kept wiggling and kicking me in the stomach so I gave him to Greg.

Anyway, the surgery was successful and the doc said he had a "pretty significant blockage" so that was reassuring that the surgery was necessary. Now he has a tiny tube in place for 6 weeks. Greg said he could see it up his nose but I haven't looked yet.

The coolest part about it all was Dr. Norman prayed with us before the surgery, and it was his idea. We were both blown away and completely reassured by that. It was so nice to know that our little guy's life was in another believer's hands. God hands us such blessings as that just to keep us going forward and to assure us that we are His precious children.

Thanks for thinking of us today! It went really well, and we hope the rest of tonight goes just as well.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Caleb's eye surgery

(repost from the About the Babes blog)

We take him tomorrow for his eye surgery at 1 pm. We have to be there at noon, and he can't have anything to eat after 7am and no drinks at all after 11. Poor guy, he's almost always attached to a sippy cup so it's going to be hard to distract him for two hours. It also means Greg and I can't have lunch until he goes back for surgery. That would just be mean to eat lunch in front of him. So our plan is to give him breakfast early, then give him a haircut and a bath, then get going to the mall or someplace to get him out of the house and distracted. Otherwise he'll be hanging on the fridge door by 9 am asking for juice, juice, juice..So pray for Caleb's surgery to go well and for him to react well to the anesthesia. And pray for me to have calm nerves about my baby being asleep without me! The hardest part is relinquishing control over my own child's wellbeing.

Monday, December 17, 2007

updates on things

Greg got "the call" last week from the Longview manager inviting him to come work for him. Yay! He is supposed to start February 1st, so a lot of things are up in the air now with living situations. Lots and lots of IFs that depend on the house, the baby, Caleb's surgery appointments..

Tomorrow is the last day of CDO, probably forever for me. I was going to try to go back in January, but it looks like my doctor expects me to have a baby before then. I'm not complaining about not going back to work, but I don't really want to have the baby that early. However, come Feb 1st it will be easier to have an older baby than a week-old one when Greg starts communting (the most likely situation at this point) to Longview. I am torn about what to do right now. Anyway, back to CDO, I hope we will be able to find a program for Caleb in Tyler because he has benefited SO much from being with the other kids in this one. His words have increased a lot and he listens pretty well (for an almost-two-year-old).

Caleb's eye surgery is this Thursday afternoon. We won't find out what time exactly until the day before. Pray for the anesthesia to go okay and for me to not be too worried about my baby being asleep without me!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Saturday morning with Santa

This morning was our neighborhood's annual Breakfast with Santa. Santa rode in on a Fort Worth Fire truck, and went through the streets honking the sirens and yelling HoHOHO on the loudspeaker. We had forgotten about it so it scared us to death this morning. We took Caleb down to the amenity center and took a few pics. We got a couple of cute ones with the fire truck, but Santa was a different story. This one is all I got before my stupid camera died. I don't think they would have gotten much better... sigh. toddlers........

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Sunday, December 02, 2007