Thursday, December 20, 2007

surgery update

(another repost from About the Babes)

We are already home from the surgery and Caleb is sleeping away. He is totally out of it. He woke up very angry from the anesthesia and it took Greg manhandling him to calm him down, and even then it was hard. He cried so much! When they brought us back for the after-surgery doc consult we could hear him screaming down the hall. Less than 5 minutes later (it's usually about 20) they came to get us to try to help calm him down. I tried to but he kept wiggling and kicking me in the stomach so I gave him to Greg.

Anyway, the surgery was successful and the doc said he had a "pretty significant blockage" so that was reassuring that the surgery was necessary. Now he has a tiny tube in place for 6 weeks. Greg said he could see it up his nose but I haven't looked yet.

The coolest part about it all was Dr. Norman prayed with us before the surgery, and it was his idea. We were both blown away and completely reassured by that. It was so nice to know that our little guy's life was in another believer's hands. God hands us such blessings as that just to keep us going forward and to assure us that we are His precious children.

Thanks for thinking of us today! It went really well, and we hope the rest of tonight goes just as well.

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