Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Caleb's eye surgery

(repost from the About the Babes blog)

We take him tomorrow for his eye surgery at 1 pm. We have to be there at noon, and he can't have anything to eat after 7am and no drinks at all after 11. Poor guy, he's almost always attached to a sippy cup so it's going to be hard to distract him for two hours. It also means Greg and I can't have lunch until he goes back for surgery. That would just be mean to eat lunch in front of him. So our plan is to give him breakfast early, then give him a haircut and a bath, then get going to the mall or someplace to get him out of the house and distracted. Otherwise he'll be hanging on the fridge door by 9 am asking for juice, juice, juice..So pray for Caleb's surgery to go well and for him to react well to the anesthesia. And pray for me to have calm nerves about my baby being asleep without me! The hardest part is relinquishing control over my own child's wellbeing.

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