Thursday, December 27, 2007

Baby Update

Doctor appointment today went well. According to them, I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow, which is full term. I told them I don't want to be induced at all unless medically necessary, and she said she would let me go until 41 weeks, and then she induces no matter what. There's no way I'll make it that far though. Things are progressing already, and she even went as far as to tell me to take it easy this weekend because she's not on call and wants to be able to deliver my baby when she gets back on call.. I told her I'm not interested in having a baby this weekend since Greg is gone hunting and can't really answer his phone to come rushing home! She can just stay in until at least Saturday night when Greg gets home.

Since I'm not officially at 37 weeks yet, she said I am "threatened preterm labor" until tomorrow when I turn 37 weeks. No big deal with that though. The ultrasound also showed my placenta is getting old, which means it's about to quit working and kick the baby out. As long as fluid levels stay ok I won't need to be induced but if i notice less movements then I will need to go to the hospital and get checked out.

Progress! Baby! Wheeee!

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Darling Family said...

Ok, you can't have the baby yet. Why does she think you are going to have her early? I'm really going to try to come at the end of Jan. and I want to see a new baby. Anyways, is everything going ok? Are you already having contractions?

Our internet isn't working, so I can't call. We had a pretty good Christmas. Kennedy is having fun playing with all her toys....a doll house. I'm so glad she likes the doll house.

Keep me informed on Baby Hope!