Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I haven't gotten many great pictures lately, but I've captured a few videos.

Carly is such a little performer! I am totally not used to being able to get things like this on video. She decided to go through her entire repertoire all at once this time too.

I guess I should commentate a bit. She does the fishy face, then her tongue, then we start barking like a dog, and she says "dog" ("DOOOOOOE") Then she starts looking for the dog and does the "where?" sign with her hands. Shakes her head, claps her hands, then pretends to be shy.

And this is quintessential Carly right here:

more fun:

Here is both kiddos playing together. SO cute!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Just thought I'd share:

Her shirt says, "Little Sweetie"

Ain't she sweet?

Party Pics

So this is what happens after a birthday party gets rescheduled 45 minutes before the party starts! It was quite cold (for Texas) that day, and VERY windy, so an outside party was a nightmare waiting to happen. So as we looked out the back door at the huge oak tree swaying in the wind at 9:15, we finally let the Rices convince us to move it indoors to Chuck E Cheese. Not my ideal situation, but a doable one. It ended up being the best thing we could have done because it never got warmer or calmer that whole day! Caleb was pretty heart-broken about it, and who could blame him after we had talked about having his party at the museum for WEEKS, and then BAM changed it last-second to CEC. He cried the whole way there, poor guy. BUT as soon as we pulled in to the parking lot Big Poppy appeared and Caleb's day was saved! He never looked back. We did take him by the museum later that day as promised and he had a grand time, if only a short time because of how blustery it was.

So... pictures!

Carly and all of her grandmothers

Caleb got up in the thingie!!