Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Good Reason

This 20 second video shows one good reason why Carly doesn't want to move out of her crib. Can't say I blame her much! Looks like fun to me!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our Monday Project

So...... Carly is potty trained. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I was commenting to some friends yesterday, this should not have been so easy! I mean, in a matter of days, SHE decided she wanted to use the potty, wear big-girl panties, and never look back. Once SHE decided that, it only took two accidents, and she knows now. We are on day five (at least) with zero accidents. Praise the Lord! This is vastly, immensely, polar-oppositely different than my first (and still somewhat ongoing) experience with teach Caleb the potty. We have even gone so far as going to the church nursery in panties, and taking naps in panties. I know she will probably regress, and have off days, but so far so good. And I have to say, I think I deserve this just a little.. can I get an amen?

Anyway, since she is a big girl now, it was high time to start the transition out of the crib and into the big girl bed. Over the weekend we bought some new mattresses, play switcheroo with Caleb's and Carly's, and set up a brand new queen size bed in Caleb's room (after a little bit of creativity with a very large drill bit) and moved Caleb's full-size mattresses into Carly's room. However, taking cues from her assertiveness with the potty training, when she said she didn't want to sleep in the big bed yet, we let her stay in the crib for now. So we have a crib and a full size bed, and all the furniture that goes with it in her room right now..

Disregard the pile of foam mats.. that was Caleb's idea for a "step" to help her get on her bed.. they are now back in his room acting as his step.

And since Caleb's bed got bigger, and Carly's got girlier, I needed to take inventory of our linen closet. That led to a total cleanout and purge. Sadly, I didn't take any picture of the before.. but I'll just tell you, it was badly in need of a makeover. Like puking pillowcases when the door opened bad. And here's the finished project. Now what to do with the pile of linens I took out? Currently they are in a pile in the living room. It makes for a nice TV-watching pallet for the children.

I had one with out the cheesy kid in it, but this one is too cute!

My Project Manager:


More pictures of my sweet kiddos and the great outdoors... but before you start thinking I'm the kind of mom that spends all day outside learning about bugs and plants and such, don't be fooled. I take pictures outside for two reasons: 1) My house is usually too cluttered with toys and laundry and I don't want anyone to see that and 2) My camera takes really great pictures in natural light.. plus we have a great backyard. We just go outside for a few minutes to take the pictures, then we come back inside to the A/C.

My favorite big oak tree.. just love how the branches look like veins.

Our Mammoth sunflowers!

I love Carly's face in this.. indignant!

Carly's First Haircut

In her first two and a half years of life, Carly hasn't really grown much in the hair department. My thought was, why would I cut what she DOES have? I want it to grow! But, after seeing a couple of my friends' little girls with the same type hair and cute cuts, I decided to let go of the rat tail-mullet, and even it out. AND I took before and after pictures!



That's all I cut off, but what a difference! It was nearly three inches in the middle.

Then we decided to really girl it up and paint toenails:

Come On

I made a post about this before but deleted it. But come on!! I have gotten numerous comments in languages I can't understand in the last few weeks. Stop already! I don't speak or read Chinese so don't comment on my blog in any language but English! And if I can't understand it, why in the world would I publish them? Really, that's enough. So stop.