Friday, March 30, 2007

Off to the homeland

We are off to the homeland this weekend. While we are gone, I surely hope our agent will sell our house. Really, it's getting ridiculous. I am losing perspective I know, because it took us 5 months to sell our Hutto house, but I think it's been two months now and I'm getting frustrated.

So, in Tyler this weekend we are helping some of our friends move from Grapevine to Lindale, and then spending the weekend visiting peeps, and Monday Greg took the day off work so we are staying in Tyler so he can push resumes in town. He is going to make a list and just walk in places and ask for the HR dept. That's how he got on with Farmers, so we are hoping for another miracle.

So that's that.

And thank goodness we are missing most of the heavy rain and lightning today! It hasn't rained much at the house today, but it did rain a good bit last night. Greg came home "for lunch" so he could mow the grass before the downpour started and so it would look nice for the open house on Saturday. He was done for about 30 minutes when it started raining. Call that a close one!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Update on the house

....... we got nothing. I'm disappointed that all those people that came for the open house haven't done anything. I even made bread! We haven't heard from our realtor about the second looker but I know she'll call as soon as she hears anything. We had four interested parties on Saturday's open house, and three on Sunday.. Nancy said she'll plan on doing another open house this Saturday if needed.

By the way, This Sunday is D-Day -- the day when the payment goes through the roof. Pray for us!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Some random photos

How on earth am I related to that BROWN woman?! Just getting back from Africa:

Cheese Face!

Caleb learned this pose from Uncle Cody!

Cutie Patootie~

Sure and Unsure

And I'm not talking about deodorant! Ha.

The house is still for sale, and now Greg is looking for a job. He is still gainfully employed, but we're not sure for how long. I'm hoping he'll be able to quit before he's, ahem, "let go." It's just not right. I'm not going to get into that right now though. I'll just say, in defense of Greg, that he has not done anything different in the last two years to go from top level employee to third class employee. It's the system, and the man. What's the movie saying? "D@mn the man." That's exactly how I feel about that situation. haha

The house, though, is a hopeful situation. We have someone coming to take a second look at it tomorrow! Our agent is also having an open house here tomorrow and Sunday from 2-4 pm. Let's the offers roll in!!! (Or just one, that would be good too) Now, the problem is, where to go? And here's another saga:

Greg wants to pursue becoming a police officer. I would LOVE that!! No for real, I would. Having a man in bed beside me that knows how to fire a gun. (That is just sexy!) However afraid I am of guns, he is NOT afraid. He would love to learn. So we have begun the process of getting him into Police Academy in three different DFW cities: Denton, Arlington, and *gasp* Dallas. (Hey, DPD is giving a $10,000 signing bonus to all new hires... worth it!) We went out and jogged a little yesterday. When I say jogged, I mean, Greg ran a bit and I walked fast pushing the stroller. He lapped me! lol! I was SO proud of him for running as much as he did since he hasn't run a step since WAY before his lung surgery... it's been almost 2 years since he last ran for a workout, and 14 months since the surgery. I think he is half dead today though!

If the Police Academy works out, it will be a good two month hiring process before he gets accepted and starts getting paid... which is why he needs to either keep his current job or find an interim job to get us by until Academy starts. I know Arlington's isn't until August 27th and that's a long time to wait. I'm really hoping for Denton, but we'll take what we get at first.

The problem might be living situation for the short term. We are just taking everything in stride right now. What else can we do? There are so many questions that could weigh us down and cause stress and worry but we decided when the bad things started happening to give it all up to God and that's what we've done. And it is SO amazing that God has been faithful to us every time. I really love this rocky journey we're on -- it's way better than day to day mundaneness. I'll really take this over the ordinary ANY day.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Birthday Party bust

First of all, I am SO sorry for those of you that wasted your day on Saturday! We really should have called it off earlier. If anyone hasn't heard, Greg and I both had some type of food poisoning starting Saturday morning. I am feeling great today and Caleb's appetite mysteriously returned last night and he is feeling 100% better too. Caleb wasn't sick with food poisoning, he was just sick with snot/cough/antibiotic side effects/etc. Greg is still trying to kick it, and he's in bed right now resting. He tried to go to work today and made it about 2 hours before he had to come home.

BUT, we are going to try to have his makeup party THIS Saturday, March 10th, same time, same place (Noon at our house) Anyone who was already halfway here and had to turn around is COMPLETELY off the hook this time! We won't have our feelings hurt at all if you don't want to make the trip two weekends in a row. We are just thankful that you were going to come in the first place. No pressure whatsoever for this party, we promise. We understand how busy weekends can be that you have to book them three months in advance!!

P.S. Does anyone know if Sam's will take back 2.5 pounds of salad and a sheet cake that says "Happy Birthday Caleb!"?