Friday, March 30, 2007

Off to the homeland

We are off to the homeland this weekend. While we are gone, I surely hope our agent will sell our house. Really, it's getting ridiculous. I am losing perspective I know, because it took us 5 months to sell our Hutto house, but I think it's been two months now and I'm getting frustrated.

So, in Tyler this weekend we are helping some of our friends move from Grapevine to Lindale, and then spending the weekend visiting peeps, and Monday Greg took the day off work so we are staying in Tyler so he can push resumes in town. He is going to make a list and just walk in places and ask for the HR dept. That's how he got on with Farmers, so we are hoping for another miracle.

So that's that.

And thank goodness we are missing most of the heavy rain and lightning today! It hasn't rained much at the house today, but it did rain a good bit last night. Greg came home "for lunch" so he could mow the grass before the downpour started and so it would look nice for the open house on Saturday. He was done for about 30 minutes when it started raining. Call that a close one!!

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