Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lego Castle

When Greg was a kid he had this Lego Castle. Being Greg, he kept up with every single peice, AND the instructions. He doesn't remember if he ever even built the castle but he kept it for all these years. We pulled it out for Caleb recently, and guess who built it? (That would be me.) It was fun, frustrating, and somewhat fulfilling. I love Legos! It took me two days, and a lot of Caleb saying, "Mom when are you going to finish my castle?!"

Caleb and "his" castle

The built castle lasted exactly one day before it was pulled off the kitchen counter and shattered. That's the life of a Lego for ya!

Fort Worth Children's Museum

At the end of Spring Break we went to Fort Worth to the Museum of Science and History with Greg's family. The kids had a great time exploring the museum! Afterwards we went to the Fort Worth Stock Yards to do the big human-sized maze. Talk about a humbling experience! You think you have a good sense of direction, and then you get totally turned around and feel rather helpless in there. It took me 20 minutes to get through, and I was the first one in our group to get out. Lots of fun!! Here are some pictures from our day.

Dinosaur footprint

a guy driving a horse carriage

A very rare group picture


Cool 4D ride thing. Aren't I cute?!

Ain't he cute!

Caleb playing trains

Carly "blowing" the bubbles in the bubble tubes

Pretty girl


Water fun

Hot stuff

HUGE Light Brite

Caleb and Aunt Heather playing Lite Brites

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Whole World

Today Caleb got a box on the front porch. I already knew what it was, but had a lot of fun building the suspense for him. We posed for pictures with his box...

...then I very slowly opened the box and pulled out the contents.

A globe! Caleb knew exactly what it was when I pulled it out. "That's the WHOLE WORLD!" He exclaimed. I found the packing slip and read the message to him:

So we searched for MaMaw!

Found her!

And then we found us:

Thank You MaMaw for sending Caleb a globe all the way from Africa for his birthday! And thank you to my awesome Grandma for braving the world of online shopping to be the middleman! It is perfect!

^ We already are!

I realize 6 of the last 7 posts have been mostly about Caleb if you count this one. It's not that he's more interesting than Carly, but she is in that stage where she doesn't want to participate in much or let me take her picture much. So her blog presence is suffering! I'll try to be better about getting pictures of her on the sly. That'd be about the only way!