Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Whole World

Today Caleb got a box on the front porch. I already knew what it was, but had a lot of fun building the suspense for him. We posed for pictures with his box...

...then I very slowly opened the box and pulled out the contents.

A globe! Caleb knew exactly what it was when I pulled it out. "That's the WHOLE WORLD!" He exclaimed. I found the packing slip and read the message to him:

So we searched for MaMaw!

Found her!

And then we found us:

Thank You MaMaw for sending Caleb a globe all the way from Africa for his birthday! And thank you to my awesome Grandma for braving the world of online shopping to be the middleman! It is perfect!

^ We already are!

I realize 6 of the last 7 posts have been mostly about Caleb if you count this one. It's not that he's more interesting than Carly, but she is in that stage where she doesn't want to participate in much or let me take her picture much. So her blog presence is suffering! I'll try to be better about getting pictures of her on the sly. That'd be about the only way!