Monday, August 29, 2011

Kindergarten: Week One

No, I don't plan on blogging about the goings-on at Kindergarten every week for two reasons. 1) I would lose blog readers in heartbeat! and most of all 2) I really have no idea what goes on at Kindergarten. The most we can get out of our boy is "I don't remember," "I don't know," or a one-shoulder, are-you-STILL-asking-me-what-I-did-today shrug.

But I think the first week of the next 20 years of my life is toooooooootally blog-worthy. Because I know I have some real-life friends who can relate. I know. So, the rundown:

Day One: Dropped off at classroom. Caleb walked in like a champ. A little shy and slow-moving, but excited and smiling. Mom did not even cry. Got a green star for the day. (that's a good thing.)

Day Two: Dropped off in cafeteria. Clung to Daddy's leg for a few minutes until teacher took his hand and he stood beside her. Mom did not cry. Got another green star for the day.

Day Three: Dropped off in cafeteria. Teacher wasn't in the cafeteria today. Caleb clung to Daddy's legs and after numerous trips to the hallway to chat, became upset and did not want us to leave him. Principal intervened (I LOVE HER!) and screaming fit ensued. Mom and Dad left him in the cafeteria, bucking and screaming "Daddy! Daddy!" Mom cried all the way home, and then cried some more at home. Teacher called 30 minutes into school day to say Caleb was doing fine and calmed down very quickly after we left him. I still got teary off and on until we picked him up for the day. Stinker ended up getting a BLUE star (better than green) and 5 fuzzies (it's a reward system - fuzzies are like money).

Day Four: We decided to wait the few minutes until the class was in the classroom instead of the cafeteria. Worked wonders. Caleb put his backpack, lunchbox, snack, and folder up without help and walked right in. Green star. Mom wanted to cry tears of joy but didn't.

Day Five: Same as day four. Really really great, independent boy who was happy to be at school. Green star.

Except for Wednesday's dropoff, our first week of Kindergarten was a huge success. It's hard for a mama bear to be okay when she leaves her cub kicking and screaming in the arms of another person. It's easy for that negative moment to overshadow the entire week. But getting all written out makes me realize how awesome our funny little guy is. He is so ready for this school thing! One little hiccup in the whole week.

Here's to another 35 weeks of awesomeness! Maybe someday I'll get used to waking up at 6:45 again. But I'm not counting on it!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Austin Trip

This was our last little hurrah before school started. It was also my cousin's wedding!

Congrats the the happy couple! Aren't they beautiful? It was a very sweet wedding.

After the wedding festivities were over, we spent the rest of the weekend seeing some sights around Austin. It's funny to me that we used to live in Austin before we had kids, and now, visiting Austin WITH kids, we had a hard time thinking of things to do!

First we visited Mount Bonnell, which is a scenic area overlooking Town Lake or Lake Austin (or whatever- it's actually part of a river).

You can also see the Austin cityscape.

It's a neat place and the kids had fun climbing a TON of stairs to get up to the top. I have fun memories of the place because my college biology lab took a field trip here once.

Next stop was the Texas capitol building. (I have no idea why my text is underlined. Crazy Blogger!!)

We expected it to be closed since it was a Sunday morning, but were pleasantly surprised that the doors were open!

We walked around and explored the building, and of course, we climbed every flight of stairs to the very top of the dome.

Here's that floor the kids were standing on.. I couldn't believe I got a picture with nobody walking on it!

(That's right, Texas isn't just a state - it's a Republic!)

We peeked in the Senate and House meeting rooms, and looked at the pictures of our Texas legislators on the wall. Of course, no one was around on a Sunday.

We also took the opportunity to get some family pictures taken while we were all spiffed up for the wedding.

And there are always outtakes! I blames every one of these on Greg. He either makes a funny face or takes a funny picture when I give him the camera, which isn't very often! Love that silly guy!

First Day of Kindergarten!

The day has now come and gone. I have worried, fretted, planned, denied, avoided, and shut out this day for a year now. The day my Firstborn starts school! Somehow, I survived. In fact, I've now survived and entire week! I'm already weary of it, so please don't remind me that this is only the first week of the next 20 years of my life. Mom of school-age kids. The title is growing on me. Slowly.

Here are a few pictures from Caleb's first day of Kindergarten. I love his school. I love his teacher. I love the administration. I love the location. And I LOVE the size. (It's tiny!)

Truth time: this picture is staged.. yeah, we went to school the night before for a dry run [also known as an unhurried photo op for a picture-obsessed mom who was afraid she'd be too much of a blithering mess on the actual first day of school]

The obligatory front porch picture

getting in the car

Dad walking him in

A picture with mom (who was NOT crying)

Now here are a few pictures that we took during a little photo session the weekend before school started. I got a lot of pose inspiration from Pinterest (my new creativity obsession).

This one is my favorite because you can see mine and Carly's reflections in the door! And Caleb's giving a subtle "thumbs-up" too.

Happy School Year! We're adjusting, and marching forward in life. I only wish we could march a bit slower.

Don't call me a quitter..

but you may call me a very long delayer-er.

Nearly two years ago I began a training program called "Couch to 5K." It's a running regime that gets you literally off the couch, and running a 5K (without stopping) in 9 weeks. I did the program for about 2 1/2 weeks before I quit. I had a cold, so I skipped a few days, but then never started back up when I got better.

Fast forward a few months (okay, about 20), and I decided to start over. As one of my very honest, and very right, friends pointed out on Facebook, "Haven't you done this before and quit after a couple of weeks?" Why, yes, yes I have. And there's nothing to say I might not finish this time, but I'm going to try! I'm currently on week three, day three of the program, which is farther than I got the first time around, and I feel great!

And now, I have a goal. On October 9th, there is a 5K in Tyler that I am going to register for. I've already got a couple of friends that want to run it with me, so I'm super excited! For the personal goal, for the accountability that friends bring, and for my abs!! They are already shaping up and it makes me happy :)