Saturday, August 27, 2011

Austin Trip

This was our last little hurrah before school started. It was also my cousin's wedding!

Congrats the the happy couple! Aren't they beautiful? It was a very sweet wedding.

After the wedding festivities were over, we spent the rest of the weekend seeing some sights around Austin. It's funny to me that we used to live in Austin before we had kids, and now, visiting Austin WITH kids, we had a hard time thinking of things to do!

First we visited Mount Bonnell, which is a scenic area overlooking Town Lake or Lake Austin (or whatever- it's actually part of a river).

You can also see the Austin cityscape.

It's a neat place and the kids had fun climbing a TON of stairs to get up to the top. I have fun memories of the place because my college biology lab took a field trip here once.

Next stop was the Texas capitol building. (I have no idea why my text is underlined. Crazy Blogger!!)

We expected it to be closed since it was a Sunday morning, but were pleasantly surprised that the doors were open!

We walked around and explored the building, and of course, we climbed every flight of stairs to the very top of the dome.

Here's that floor the kids were standing on.. I couldn't believe I got a picture with nobody walking on it!

(That's right, Texas isn't just a state - it's a Republic!)

We peeked in the Senate and House meeting rooms, and looked at the pictures of our Texas legislators on the wall. Of course, no one was around on a Sunday.

We also took the opportunity to get some family pictures taken while we were all spiffed up for the wedding.

And there are always outtakes! I blames every one of these on Greg. He either makes a funny face or takes a funny picture when I give him the camera, which isn't very often! Love that silly guy!

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