Friday, February 27, 2009

Birthday Eve

Caleb turns three tomorrow!! I am totally in denial that I can me the mom of a three-year-old. It's just wrong.

Here are a few cheese-face pics of the big boy and one video of him talking. Sweet!

Carly Walks!

Car conversations

Caleb: "Mommy where are we going?"

Me: "We are going to meet Mommy's friend to give her this present for Ms. Jill"

Caleb: "Ms Jill has a baby in her belly."

Me: "Yes, she does!"

Caleb: "So does Ms Yebonne."

Me: "Yes she does!"

Caleb: "Do Jason have a baby in his belly?"

Me: "No, only mommies have babies in their bellies."

Caleb: "Do YOU have a baby in your belly?"

Me: "NO NO NO buddy, not me. But remember when baby sister was in Mommy's belly?"

Caleb: "........(thinking)................. Look, there's a BIG truck!"

Deep conversation.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

English Lesson

I have recently (okay, it's been quite a while, like years) been annoyed when I hear a very common misuse of the English language. I think the only way I can illustrate it is to just give examples. I am by no means an expert in this area, but I do know what is correct and wish to share it with everyone.

Correct: Greg and I love our kids.

WRONG: The kids love Greg and I.
(correct: The kids love Greg and me.)

This is an example of the gross mistreatment of the Subject word I. Please do not put him at the end of a sentence. It is WRONG! I is a subject word, and when you end a sentence with a compound predicate (more than one person) you DO NOT EVER use the word I. The correct way to end it is is with the word me.

Example, if you were to make the predicate singular, you would not say, "The kids love I." would you? That sounds stupid, because it is wrong. You would say "The kids love me." Nothing changes when you add another person to it.

An easy way to remember this rule is to take that other person out of the sentence. Try saying it like this: "The kids love [Greg and] I." or "The kids love [Greg and] me." I promise it works every time.

So now that you all know that this bugs the heck out of me, please refrain from doing it my presence. If you or someone you know is suffering from this gross misuse, please direct them to this blog. Thank you.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Check out the new top song on my playlist... whew. Love it. Chills. The harmonies are amazing and never fail to make my head bob in a very Pentecostal way! Everytime I hear it I have to stop whatever I am doing to just listen and worship. It is such an awesome praise song to our Wonderful Savior! Turn it up loud--

I have been getting busier and busier this winter/spring. Seems like we have more and more going on all the time. I love it! Today Caleb went to Mother's Day Out and had a good time. He gets to be there with his friend and our neighbor Rylee, and it is such a blessing to have her with him so he doesn't get anxious at drop-off. And it's also nice that she tells everything that goes on during the day so I am never wondering what he did all day. I just ask Rylee! She is a doll and we love that we are neighbors with them!

I have been very busy lately with my business, making bedding, planning a show in March, and doing several outfits for the show hostess. I delivered both sets of bedding last week and I'm pretty sure both girls really liked theirs. I hope anyway! Over the weekend I started thinking about poor Carly never really getting much handmade outfits (not that she is lacking clothes but she really only has a couple things I have made) so I made time to make her an outfit. It is cute! Then I started feeling selfish so I made myself a top last night and finished it today. It is not that great but it is something new. I did not use a pattern (mistake #1) so it doesn't fit very good, and I tried a peasant-type top (mistake #2 with my body type) so it looks a bit like a scrub shirt, but Greg likes it and says it looks okay so I suppose I could wear it out in public.

We've really been enjoying our SMBS class at Green Acres. We've been out quite a bit since December trying to prevent illness so we have missed out on Sunday mornings a lot.. when we do get to go we remember how much we love those people! I can't remember if it was this last week or before, if it was in service or in SMBS, or if it was Jamy or Cameron teaching (sorry guys), or maybe it was Tony Evans' radio message (love that guy!!), but one thing has stuck with me lately: Our sole purpose on this earth is to glorify God. That's it. It has come back into my mind again and again at times when I may be getting bogged down with something that does not matter, or does not glorify my Lord. It's an instant re-focus for me. Is this glorifying God? If not, why am I doing/thinking it?

Well, that's enough rambling out of me tonight. It's past my bedtime and I want to read my Avon catalog and make a wish list. (My friend Amanda is a new Avon rep, so I'm shopping!)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Save the Date

We scheduled Caleb's 3rd Birthday Party today!

Brookshire's Wildlife Museum and Playground
February 28, 2009
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
There will be cupcakes and other junk food to ruin lunch with!

This is the first party we've ever done NOT at our house. Should be fun! Hoping for good weather!!