Friday, February 27, 2009

Car conversations

Caleb: "Mommy where are we going?"

Me: "We are going to meet Mommy's friend to give her this present for Ms. Jill"

Caleb: "Ms Jill has a baby in her belly."

Me: "Yes, she does!"

Caleb: "So does Ms Yebonne."

Me: "Yes she does!"

Caleb: "Do Jason have a baby in his belly?"

Me: "No, only mommies have babies in their bellies."

Caleb: "Do YOU have a baby in your belly?"

Me: "NO NO NO buddy, not me. But remember when baby sister was in Mommy's belly?"

Caleb: "........(thinking)................. Look, there's a BIG truck!"

Deep conversation.

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Jill said...

LOL! Too cute!