Friday, May 11, 2007

My new business is up and running

I am spreading the word as far as I can. My new store is up and running and I'm proud to introduce it! is the link to it.

I have lots of ribbon blankies for babies, burp cloths, crib bedding, and coming soon are cloth diapers, Boppy covers, custom curtains, and other custom creations. If you have an idea for something let me know and I'll see if I can do it up for you.

Please think of me next time you need a baby gift (or have a baby of your own!)!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

starting a business?

Here's my idea. I can make things, and I want to sell them for money. That's the idea behind a business isn't it? I did learn a little something with my business degree... (I'm not going to remind anyone though, that Finance knowledge does not necessarily equal wisdom, or we wouldn't be in the financial situation we are in right now.)

Here are two things that I have made and I am thinking of opening an internet store selling these things and other cutesie things like them. This first is a taggie blanket, or a lovey for babies. The second is just a bag I made, it's not a diaper bag, just a cute tote. A custom order baby business is where it's at baby!

As a bonus, check out my diaper stash: I have a few more but they were in the wash.

Yikes, it's been a whole month!

Back by popular demand!

We've been busy going in circles. Like a holding pattern, that kind of circles. It's not the funnest place I've been but I know it could be worse. Here are a few pictures from the last month or so:

Another walking video. He's gotten a lot better since this one too!

Easter Sunday:

Hunting an egg at Grandma's. Apparently one was quite enough!

My big boy in Whitehouse:

tending the garden:

This is one saucy toddler!

Pool fun!

Four inch faux-hawks are the bomb baby!

Mommy's new hobby - cute cloth diapers!

I'll take one to go please!

So, I guess that pretty much covers the last month. We've learned to walk better, started using cloth diapers, planted some free flowers in the back yard, gotten in the pool once, and just been hanging out. Greg's job is getting better, but he's still going forward with the Dallas Police process. Yesterday a detective called him who has been assigned his background check and said it will take two or three weeks before she can get to him because there are about 7 people in front of him. So, at the middle to end of June, expect to get called by Detective Hensley of the Dallas Police Department and say all good things about Greg!! (We had to put down EVERYONE we know, except extended family (aunts and uncles), with addresses and phone numbers, so you WILL get a call.) If all goes well and he chooses to do this, academy starts in July, or September.

That's that I think!