Monday, March 05, 2007

Birthday Party bust

First of all, I am SO sorry for those of you that wasted your day on Saturday! We really should have called it off earlier. If anyone hasn't heard, Greg and I both had some type of food poisoning starting Saturday morning. I am feeling great today and Caleb's appetite mysteriously returned last night and he is feeling 100% better too. Caleb wasn't sick with food poisoning, he was just sick with snot/cough/antibiotic side effects/etc. Greg is still trying to kick it, and he's in bed right now resting. He tried to go to work today and made it about 2 hours before he had to come home.

BUT, we are going to try to have his makeup party THIS Saturday, March 10th, same time, same place (Noon at our house) Anyone who was already halfway here and had to turn around is COMPLETELY off the hook this time! We won't have our feelings hurt at all if you don't want to make the trip two weekends in a row. We are just thankful that you were going to come in the first place. No pressure whatsoever for this party, we promise. We understand how busy weekends can be that you have to book them three months in advance!!

P.S. Does anyone know if Sam's will take back 2.5 pounds of salad and a sheet cake that says "Happy Birthday Caleb!"?

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melodyann said...

You should freeze that cake. I'll totally eat it on Saturday.