Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We had a looker!!

Tonight someone came to see the house FINALLY! The good thing: the house got shown! The BAD thing(s): the appointment service DID NOT CALL US, so we had no idea they were coming. Thus, the house was not show-ready at all. We are generally neat people, so it was not THAT bad, but dishes in the sink, clean laundry sitting in a basket, the bed unmade, etc. General everyday clutter, because, hey, we LIVE here. The people were really nice and were genuinely sorry that we were inconvenienced but we were just glad that someone came to see it! So now we wait, hope and pray for an offer.

Sidenote: Greg and I specifically prayed last night for someone to come see the house, then promptly fell asleep and put it out of our minds. Answered prayer, once again!!!

Happy Birthday CALEB!!! (poor baby is still sicky)

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