Monday, February 26, 2007

Hurst, Tyler, or somewhere else?

This is our dilemma now. We were prefectly happy to sell our house and find a smaller one in Hurst. We really love our church and that's really the only reason we want to stay here. Oh yeah, and there's Greg's job that he doesn't like all that much but has and better keep until we find something better. SO, we went for a Tyler visit this weekend and it was so different than usual in the fact that we weren't itching to leave town on Sunday. We actually didn't get home until 8:00 last night so that means we piddled around Tyler for more than 48 hours and wished the sun would've stayed up a little longer so we wouldn't have to drive home in the dark.
Reasons to live in Hurst:
1. City living - close to everything
2. close to church
3. we have friends here now
4. Close to my family

Reasons NOT to live in Hurst:
1. Midcities probably doesn't have the best air quality around
2. all the houses we've seen are pretty old (50s-60s)
3. not too sure about the school district/crime ratings
4. just general uneasiness

My list of reasons NOT to move to Tyler:
1. Podunk
2. not the best shopping options
3. No HEB (not that there's HEB here either)
4. All the roads are so dang bumpy!
5. Mom, Grandma-Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, cousins that live in DFW.
6. allergies

Reasons Tyler is a good idea:
1. Property Taxes are actually affordable
2. Cost of living slightly lower
3. We know our way around
4. Lots of Baptist churches to choose from
5. Everything is closer together/less gas
6. no trouble making friends, just look up our old ones
8. Trees in general (mesquite is NOT a tree!!)
9. we know the school system
10. Dad and the Rices live there

So this is still in the preliminary stage, but I am starting to feel the pull. I'm not all that happy about it after I've said what I've said about "people that stay in their home town for their whole lives" but maybe I'm finished with the fast lane. It's been a five year process but I think I'm ready to go home. Ugh, did I just say that???

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Sarah said...

BUt you are not one of those people who have stayed intown all their lives... you have been gone for 5 years. Tyler is a good place to raise little ones and if you noticed last is growing. I am in Lindale right now and I actually like it here. It is not in Tyler but has a walmart, chilis, posados, fast food, brookshires and (shameless plug) a mail, shipping & business service center that my friend owns :) Rumor has it we may be getting a starbucks soon.