Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy February

This was the month Caleb was born! Also the month I smashed my car to pieces and sent it to Honda Heaven. We're going for a much less eventful February this year. Maybe a first word, or a first step, or both would be nice.

Countdown to the party is ON!!!! Official Party time is March 3rd! Still deciding on lunch time or afternoon. Also undecided on a theme at this point. Party City hasn't been on my way to or from anything lately, so I'll stop in later to find something with CARs on it I hope. Pop Quiz: CAR stands for what? Zoom Zoom!

Greg is going to see the doctor today because he's had a sore throat for several days and wants something stronger than Tylenol. He even shaved for the occasion! Last time he went to see Dr. Walter she fussed at him for being so hairy on his face. She told him her employees would not be allowed to look that scruffy.

Yesterday the warranty people came and painted the spots the "fixed" earlier this week. There was one that is so much worse now that they will have to come back and "fix" it again next week. What is so hard about making a straight line?? The silly guy even had a leveler. I don't think it does much good if you use it to wipe off the excess putty stuff. No one ever taught that man how to use the thing... poor little man.

Greg just called to tell me he had a meeting with his boss today and told his boss that he's not getting paid enough. Yesterday Greg went to meet with a claimant who happens to be in the ICU due to the injuries from the accident that Farmers' insured caused. While he was there some one DIED in the ICU and Greg saw them wheel the gurney out. Talk about traumatic for NO REASON. He told his boss that story and said, "I do not get paid enough to see those things. I hope you will reward me for that." Go baby go!!!! Yay for boys with cajones to tell their bosses what they think! I love my man!

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