Sunday, January 28, 2007

nothing important

Friday was a sad day. We disconnected our super-high speed internet and downgraded to dialup. Total savings: $45 a month! Yes, we were paying WAY too much for internet. I signed us up for PeoplePC or whatever -- the one that's $11 a month. We also got rid of all the bells and whistles on our home phone line. Now all we have is a "dial tone." Umm, that's all we were using anyway. It was kinda nice to have the caller ID pop up on the TV screen, but totally unnecessary. The only reason we even have a home phone now is for the alarm system monitoring (and now, dialup internet). I got our dialup setup and it is a lot faster than I thought it would be. Not FAST, but not SLOW either.

Tomorrow the warranty people are coming to our house to fix a few wonky corners that shouldn't have passed inspection in the first place. I'm opting to take Caleb and vacate the premises. I hate being around when workers are in the house 1) They leave the doors open and it's cold outside; 2) I don't really want to see the mess they are going to make; 3) I don't really want them to see me and/or Caleb. I have a problem when people stare. You might know what kind of "people" I'm talking about.
I'm a little worried that there is going to be a huge mess when I get home, but Greg says I shouldn't worry. The problem I'm having is the walls they are going to repair are part of the pantry and part of Caleb's playroom. Two of the most annoying places to have a mess! Sheetrock dust all over the food in the pantry... appetizing. And Caleb's little toys are so hard to clean, and they would have to be cleaned because he puts them all in his mouth. G says that we shouldn't have to move everything but I still don't want a mess all over my food and Caleb's toys. Argh. At least they are fixing them. That's an improvement from the former Warranty man... he was a great guy, but then he disappeared. come to find out... if he shows his face around to close to our neighbor's house my 6'7" neighbor might shoot him!! ....but that's another story for another day when I get the facts straightened out. Greg now jokes that I am not allowed to be home alone with the warranty men, which is fine with me, because I like to keep up appearances, and strange men in and out of a house isn't the appearance I want to.. umm, appear, kwim?

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