Sunday, January 07, 2007

More Weekend Funness

{Edit: I think this is the best picture of myself I've ever seen. EVER}

I love the weeekends! They are always so fun. We went to a wedding sans Caleb and had a blast! I missed my boy immensely, but it was SO DANG NICE to stay out late and sleep in. The wedding was fun, we had food, and dancing, and cake, and more dancing. Greg actually danced with me - slow and fast!! I had to drag him out, but after I pointed out several men that had zero rythym and were still out there dancing with their women, he loosened up a bit and we slow danced, and then we fast danced. It was almost like the prom again! There was even the Funky Chicken, Electric Slide, Cotton Eyed Joe and a conga line or two. And believe it or not, there was no alcohol! And I still did the Cotton Eyed Joe in my red high heels. It was great fun. Not to be missed.

Now here's a laugh: picture Greg, my husband, dancing the Funky Chicken. Laugh! Good times!

We have decided to sell our two sofas downstairs and buy a chair or two at IKEA and bring the upstairs couch down. And I think we are going to also sell our old bedroom set and buy a sleeper sofa and a bedframe for upstairs. We never use the furniture except for the occasional overnight guest, so all we really need is a bed. That way we can buy IKEA cheapies and save some money.

I PROMISE to finish my Real Estate licensing stuff this year and get my sponsor and make one commission check in 2007. That is a lofty goal, but I think I can do it. Let's see, I have 358 days left? Totally doable.


toadman said...

That IS a good picture of you. You look like my sister in that, not your mom, your aunt.

Lexi said...

awwww, thanks. I think she's preeety.