Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New One!

Greg commented that now he has to remember to put 2007 on stuff and not 2006. I thought we were done with that when we graduated High School, but apparently people still have to write the date on things. Who knew?

I cried like a little baby yesterday after Tiana left. It was pitiful. On another note, I am happy that I get to possible drink alcohol at the wedding we're going to this weekend! Mom reminded me that they (like me) are a bunch of Baptists, so there may not be any. I refuse to believe that. They are having the reception "off-campus" so SURELY there will at least be champagne! If not, we'll have to get some Margarita mix and bring it home so I can have ALCOHOL for the first time in almost 2 years. WAHWAH. Wait, except that one time.

If anyone isn't too grossed out about this... I'm really glad to have my boobs to myself again. I may be rethinking that the first time I have to buy formula... those sample cans aren't lasting as long as I had hoped they would.

Lemme dig up a pic for the top of the post.


toadman said...

Angela always nurses until they are a year old...but then, she doesn't like alcohol unless it's Baily's Irish Cream. Therefore, I take care of all the drinking on her behalf and down at least one beverage a month. I know.. what a lush, right? heh...

Congratulations on getting your personalities back.

Lexi said...

my goal was 6 months, then when that came and went I extended it to 12 months. Then the stomach flu happened and it was all gone. x( Only having to buy formula for 2 months ain't too bad though. too bad there didn't end up being anything at the wedding.. I'm still waiting for that first glorious drink of something alcoholic..