Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas picture blitz 2006

Caleb's first attempt at Mimi's piano: a natural!! (he likes the dark notes best)
I think she likes it:
Playing with the cool red paper. Nevermind all the cool toys strewn about...
This is me after NO sleep:
This is me sicker than a dog but very excited about getting a piano!!

My two EXTREMELY cool but slightly retarded siblings!
Caleb's first hammer- he likey!
And he's also a walking blockhead!! =)


melinda said...

What a cute little blockhead - this is adorable! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And you are very much family, you know (never mind technically)! Hope all is well, and that Caleb didn't pick up the crud.



toadman said...

Nice piano! Nice blockhead! Goofy siblings...but I think I've seen that face on your brother before...when he was like two.