Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Greg is in bed with a stomach bug. Caleb is in bed because he's a baby and he sleeps a lot. Why am I not in bed? Because I like being up late for no good reason. And it doesn't happen very often. And I'm going to regret it in the morning. Or maybe at midnight when one of my boys wakes up either throwing up or throwing the pacifier out of the crib. We shall see.

Not sure how either of them are sleeping anyway since the neighbors are outside partying. Or whatever they do. Ahhhhhh, this is my life.

I made some gooooood pecan brittle (and I keep saying "PEEE-cahn" in my head which is so un-southern) and some alright cracker candy and now I'm going to have to throw it all away because there are bugs in the air at my house. The nasty invisible kind. I fully expect to be throwing my guts up by this time tomorrow.

Caleb has about 4 days to learn how to walk or he is going to miss his deadline!

I just realized that there is class of blogger that I fit in. I am not a funny blogger. I don't think I'm even a funny person irl. I'm not witty or clever or cute with words.. I like to use sentence fragments. to get my point across. (that was clever wasn't it?) I always thought people didn't get my humor, but the fact is, I'm not humorous! Now there's a realization I'm glad it didn't take my whole life to figure. I have a dark sense of un-humor. And I live in a world that doesn't get it. Yes, I figured it out, and now I can make peace with it.

Well, goodnight then. I'll be bright and shiny in the morning, unless I'm puking my guts up.

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