Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I GOT it!!!

We went ahead and left for Tyler on Friday since Greg was feeling better (stomach bug) and all went well there. We decided to come back Saturday because Caleb did not sleep at all by himself... he slept a little with me on the couch, then he slept between us in the bed... So after a day of dragging butt we decided to come on back home..

And it's a good thing we did, because at 2 am I started the yuckiness. It was coming out both ends and that's all I'll say... I felt AWFUL pretty much all day Christmas Eve. About 4:00pm I was finally able to keep enough down to take some Tylenol and that helped a lot because my back and legs were aching from dehydration. Then about 5:30 I think, I got up from another nap and found that my sister had arrived. I knew she was coming, but I didn't know that my dad and stepmom were coming (we had just seen them at their house 2 hours away 2 days before) Well, Greg summoned me out into the garage where I found my dad and stepmom drying off and polishing my piano!!!! (It had been raining, and they picked it up from Plano) The piano belonged to my stepmom - she got it when she was 12. It was at her sister's house where her kids weren't using it, so they decided to let me have it. She said she wanted to keep it in the family, which I think is cool because I'm not technically her family.

I couldn't believe Greg kept it all a secret from me, and it wasn't even his idea! I was complaining to him all the time that I wanted a piano SO BAD, and out of the blue my dad called him one day and asked if I wanted it and when they could coordinate the dropoff. Turns out my stepmom read my blog from a couple of weeks ago and got the idea... I LOVE HER!!!!! Thanks, Mel! :)

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toadman said...

Hey Lex, congrats on the piano!! Way cool! Now we need a video of you PLAYING IT! HA!

Play us some dark humor on those ivories.. m'kay? heh...

You're in a class of blogger all your own. Every blogger has their thing. Yours is family, mine is family and dull, wordy, and overly poetic contrivances that mean very little to anyone but me. But hey, it's my blog...just like this is your blog.

It's all about the words man...