Monday, December 04, 2006

Caleb's First Santa Experience

This weekend was filled with cold. We bundled Caleb up in his cute santa suit that I bought for him last year and went down to the neighborhood amenity center to see Santa. Caleb was so cute and he didn't even cry. He didn't smile either, but that's alright. He was still cute!

Then it was dress rehearsal for Journey to Bethlehem. Three hours of standing around in the "village" making a mental list of what we're going to need for the real thing when we are standing out in 40 degrees for 4 hours, 4 nights in a row. Hmmmm, sheepskin boots, hand warmers, thermos of hot chocolate, something to sit on that looks halfway authentic...

It's grocery game day!

At this moment Caleb is using the windowsill as a teether and pullup bar. Greeeeeeat.

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