Monday, December 11, 2006


So, Caleb is now walking like a pro behind his push toy. I have a video of it too I'll have to post. Tonight he used me to stand himself up and immediately let go about five times. He stood each time for about ten seconds without freaking out or falling or even rocking too much. I'm not expecting steps by Christmas, but lots of standing... ooooooooh, help us!

Caleb's Christmas wish/need list:
*BIG bibs - the kind that are made from towels and pull on over the head
*brown or black classic Robeez shoes size 6-12 months
*a ride-on toy, preferabley one that grows with him and one that has a long handle for me to push without bending over
*12 month blanket sleepers
*learning toys, preferably ones that DON'T require batteries!!

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