Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Yesterday I took Caleb to get his first birthday pictures taken. Read more about that on his blog. (About the Babe)

We had a fun weekend with Ma and Pa Rice. They went to their Gaithers concert in Dallas at the AAC, and enjoyed it a lot. Then we went to church on Sunday and afterwards looked around Hurst at some houses on our list. One of them was having an open house! It was not what we are looking for (too much work done inside, making the price too high) but we saw a couple that were very promising on the outside. One house that is vacant we walked around the whole outside and then met the next-door neighbor who gave us a thirty-year rundown on all the previous owners. I peeked in the windows and the kitchen is huge, and they have put in pergo-type wood floors in the formal dining room and hallway (maybe more, but I couldn't see from the window) I know the pictures I've seen of the inside make it look really ugly because the walls need painting and the carpet needs replacing. But we also found out that this home is about to go in to forclosure because the current owners divorced. It is in the lower range of our rpice range already and if it went down even more due to foreclosure that would be such a blessing!! I really want to see the inside of the house, but I am going to wait until we get some good news on our house.

Speaking of, a week ago today we listed the house and have gotten a couple of calls but no showings. =( Greg called our Realtor yesterday and she was surprised that it didn't show over the weekend. That she was surprised, surprised me, pleasantly. We were actually calling to ask her if she thought we should go ahead and lower the price. She said NO, give it another week or so at least before lowering the price. So we'll listen to her. But after seeing the house up the street sell for full price in four days we were already getting weary of ours not having any interest at all.

So we'll just keep praying for God to do His perfect timing. Because who knows, it could be another couple of months before that house we like goes into foreclosure and we definitely would like that.

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