Thursday, April 15, 2010


There is almost always at least one time in a day when I hear something come out of one of the kids' mouths that I tell myself, "I need to put that on my blog!" And usually I forget, but today I've got a couple of good ones.

#1 Since it is spring now, the flowers are blooming, and of course the bugs are waking up. There have been several crawling critters and a few flying ones around the house lately (time for Greg to spray!). The kids aren't afraid of the bugs, but they certainly don't like them. Today I was folding laundry in my bedroom when Carly squeaked and Caleb said, "Mom, there's a bug! Come squash it!" So I grabbed a paper towel, because ain't no WAY I'm going to squash a bug with my bare hands. ewwwwww! And I smooshed a fly against the back door, thoroughly killing it. Caleb says to me, "Good killing, Mom!" I just had to chuckle at that. I am so thankful for such an encouraging son!

#2 Yesterday, as is the routine at 10:00 am and 4:30 pm around here, I reminded Caleb to go sit on the potty and try to go #2. He grumbled a bit, but went in the bathroom by himself. I was getting stuff out of the pantry to get dinner going, and I hear, "EEEEEEEP!!!!" pause..... "WAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" So I hurried to the bathroom to see Caleb standing, pants down, up on his stool in front of the potty, bottom dripping wet. He fell in the potty!! I tried SOOOOO hard not to laugh... but it was so funny! Apparently, instead of pulling down his fancy little potty seat that's built in to the big potty seat, he lifted it up like he was going to go #1... and sat. Ooops. He was very embarrassed to say the least. And wet. So I told him that I had done that before, Daddy had done that before, and I'm sure Momm-o and Papaw had done it before, and wasn't that funny! I told him that is was a really funny joke and we would have to tell Daddy when he got home how funny it was. He sniffled a bit, and I dried his little bootie off and he sat back down (seat down this time!) on the potty. Thank goodness after a few minutes he was giggling about it too and when Greg got home, he ran to tell him about the funny thing he had done. Whew! So glad he wasn't scarred for life!

Today we attempted to go for another walk on that nature trail near the house, but I found out that spring brings poison ivy and poison oak in abundance out there... so we turned around and came back home, and bathed ourselves down in Germ-x for the alcohol to kill any possible itchies. Pray for us to not have any itchies!! I can't imagine a more miserable time than finding out your 4- and 2-year-old are allergic to poison oak or ivy!


Happy Spring!

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