Wednesday, April 21, 2010


One year ago today, my hubby walked into his office job only to return home before lunch with a cardboard box filled with 7 years worth of desk junk. He wasn't worried though. We went to the zoo that afternoon.

The next day Greg Rice's Yard Service was launched full-time and we haven't looked back. To say we've been blessed beyond measure is certainly an understatement. Throughout this last year, the Lord has shown us his exceedingly abundant favor. I mean, really, who starts a seasonal business and makes it through the winter without having to get a second job? I know, without a doubt, that Greg was meant to do this. He's perfect for it. He's really good at it, and he LOVES it. He works hard, and it pays off.

A year ago our questions were whether we could make it. This year our biggest problem is finding enough time to get all the work done fast enough! We knew in our hearts the whole time that we were doing the right thing. There was never any doubt in that. But it is hard to believe that, and not know the details. That is where our faith comes in. We know God is in this, so really, the details don't matter. It is nice to have them, but totally unnecessary. All we knew was, we were going to be okay. And we were, and are still. A little obedience to God's direction really does pour out the blessings.

Like I said, exceedingly abundant. That's what we've been given this year. Lord, we thank you for the lessons and blessings that You teach and give us every day. Without you, we can do nothing. And with You, all things are possible! We praise you for that!

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