Thursday, April 08, 2010

Jan-March pictures... i know, i know!

I'm staying up way too late, but I've got to do it! Now or never. I'm what, like 3 months behind on pictures? Four? Six? Did I do Christmas? I'll catch you all up in one LONG post... now.

Ok, I went back and checked. I DID do Christmas. But lots has happened since then..

Carly Turned Two !

her talk show pose

playing with Bubba

Stinky Face!

Then we had a bug party!

Have I mentioned she makes funny faces?

Grinning through the window of her new dollhouse. Spoiled Rotten!


The eyes say it all... "Mom, BACK OFF!"

Then the sky dropped a ridiculously annoying amount of snow. (and I got a new camera)

I should totally submit this to Awkward Family Photos .com

Carly touched the snow. Once. With gloves on. Then she was done.

The back of the back yard early in the a.m.

The back yard looked quite a bit like Narnia.

The front just looked like a snow-covered house

Then Caleb turned Four!

So handsome!

So we had a tractor party!

making a craft

He loooooved being sung to.

He REALLY loooooooves attention, can't you tell?

This is the sweetest picture. After the party was over he latched on to his favorite gift. It is a tractor Granny gave him that was my Tracy's. He doesn't totally understand about Tracy yet, but my heart leaps seeing him play with the tractor so reverently.

We recently discovered this nature trail within walking distance from home. So we went for a walk!

Sweet siblings.. how I long for these days to never end! OK, well, remind me of that next time I whine about them bickering!

Love these East Texas pines...

Carly's a trooper.. my country girl!

Then we visited Grandma, Grandpa, and Mawmaw. Much food and many photos happened.

The highlight of the trip: tractor ride!

Love these little people!

Is this background perfect or what? This is the tack room on Grandpa's barn.. you couldn't make a more rustic-looking background! Perfect!!

Another one for Awkward Family Photos.. I completely love this!

Me and my boy

After Carly threw a fit and refused to walk another step, I went around the corner and waited. She eventually decided since she was left out in the woods alone, to find a stick and a leaf, and talked to herself about it while she tromped back to me.

Another perfect background.. couldn't plan it better!

So there you have it.. January, February, and March in one post. Easter will just have to wait for another day. I hope you feel as blessed as I did looking through these pictures!

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