Saturday, February 05, 2011


Call me a scrooge, but I HATE snow. I dislike being cold, I loathe the dry air that makes my skin crackly, and the mess left behind by the melting nastiness hurts my feelings. We usually get one or two snow events in the span of one winter around here. This is the second. Thankfully, while I type this, the sun is out, the snow is mostly melted and the roads are clear and dry. Wish it would have happened 24 hours earlier. I'm especially mad at this snow because it made me miss the departure of my mom to Africa. Questionable roads this morning made us stay at home while many other family members gathered at DFW airport for final hugs and goodbyes. I do think I get to claim the title of "last" - I talked to her on the phone just before the battery died and she started boarding.

Anyway, here are some pictures of our latest snow day. We made the most out of the powdery white stuff.

No snowmen this time, just snow balls!

Not Snowballs. Actual balls. In the snow.

Snow. Yay. Spring now, please!

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Strange family said...

Amen! I'm ok with it once, for just a day. Then I'm over it!