Tuesday, February 01, 2011


The kids and I took a 5 day trip to visit my mom and grandparents before Mom leaves for her two-year missionary assignment in the Congo Republic on Saturday (4 days!).

We visited the Fort Worth Zoo, rode a train, played outside, spent Sunday at church and with family, and even had a picnic lunch outside! (In January!). I would post pics of the zoo and the train, BUT I misplaced my memory card and the pictures are missing. BOO! Thankfully, mom's got them on her computer so I'll eventually get them and I will post them here.

Please pray for her as she goes:

- that the airports at DFW and Atlanta will be clear and unfrozen
- that all FIVE of her large luggages (I honestly can't think of the actual word for a very large plastic bin filled with two-years worth of necessities) would arrive on time and intact.
- that the security process would go smoothly and flawlessly
- that once she gets there she gets settles in easily
- that her internet connection works well so we can Skype frequently!
- Most of all, that her work there will make a difference for countless girls and women, and that Christ's love will be shown through her amazing sacrifice for this people.

I know she would appreciate the prayers as she begins this HUGE journey.

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