Monday, February 28, 2011

Dino-RAWR Party!

Caleb chose a dinosaur theme for his birthday party this year. It was so fun! In the days before the party, we enjoyed making some making some decorations together and I think Caleb had a blast with all of his friends at the party.

Pinata - always a "hit"!

The gift table pre-gifts

Some decorations

The cake table!

Dangling Dinos - hand made by the birthday boy and his mama

Intensely coloring a T-Rex


Yes, that is my child pretending to eat the corner of the cake while his friend Ava looks at him like he's crazy!

Happy Birthday to You!!

People eating cake

More people eating cake


This picture cracks me up! Caleb is surrounded by the ladies!

Caleb and Ruthie checking out the big cattle truck

Boy huddle - the girls were off in another area playing.. kids this age are so funny!

T-Rex eating a cow!

Pinata time!! Give it a whack --

love this.. Adam is 18 months and was totally into the pinata-whacking!

Post-Pinata chaos

One last present from mom and dad -- a new comforter "that doesn't have any holes in it!"

Caleb had a great time at his party. We are so blessed to have such supportive family and friends that love our kids so much!

(And with that, party season is officially over!)


He knows the plans... said...

Oh my goodness, Kennedy would have loved the dino party. I bet we were both partying on Saturday. It looks like y'all had so much fun, and were probably as worn out as we were this weekend.

Alexia said...

I thought about you and Kennedy during the party and how much she loves Dinos! Hope her big day was fun!