Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fort Worth Zoo with MaMaw

My camera's memory card decided to take an extended vacation at Grandma's and I just got it back in the mail this week. It was full of pictures from our trip to the Fort Worth Zoo with MaMaw before she left for the Congo. It was such a beautiful, warm, sunny January day and perfect for checking out the animals at the zoo!

They had this moving dinosaur outside the entrance. Caleb's birthday party theme this year is dinosaurs, so this fits so well with us right now!

This is WAY too close to that tiger. Gotta love the zoom lens!

Handsome boy with some Zeebs

Miss Tagalong copying brother

Carly, MaMaw, and a really huge lizardthing.

My crazy children touching a snake. Ick.

Riding a turtle

Pinguinos! Les encantó!

"That's a really big wheel!"

Touching stuff in water. They had live starfish (actually, we learned they are called sea stars since they aren't technically fish) and some crabby guys that looked like rays.

Well, hello, Mr. Eagle. You are beautiful!

Icee! Yay Texas January!

Fluffy! Baby! Flamingo!

Checkin out the flamingo colony. Those guys had the longest necks ever! They all went through this crazy routine of honking/squawking, then pumping their necks up and down, then flicking their heads back and forth. Then repeating it over and over. It was funny!

After a long day at the zoo we caught a little train and took a ride around town. Fun times with Mamaw!

We miss you, MaMaw! Have a good time "at Africa" as Caleb says!

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