Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Water everywhere.....

We have a water problem here. It has been raining cats and dogs here all night and all morning and our house is leaking!! The master bath has an inch of water sitting on the floor, the back door is leaking from underneath, and the ceiling has three spots, all related, where it is running down the wall and dripping into a bucket.. sigh. Every time it rains we have to plug up holes and pull out the bucket. It was the worst ever this time. It leaked in two places it had never before.

So we called the landlady and a contractor friend of Greg's to come and take a look and see what it will take to get it fixed permanently. The contractor seems to think it will be about $20K, which our poor landlady does not have. The next concern is black mold (or any mold) forming and causing a health hazard.

So we have some things to think about.. should we move and find another rent house? Find a house to buy or lease/purchase? Stay put and deal with the renovations? It is such a great savings here, so we are wary to find a new place that will be as cheap. Decisions decisions.

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