Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Newest House Pics

We almost has a house. Here it is.
The front: The door is red and there's a big big oak tree surrounded by azaleas.
It has a front porch. It doesn't come with the lady in blue. ;)

It has a sidewalk and green grass!

It has a wall of trees shading us from the next yard. And some bushes that need trimming, IMO.

It has a shower with a window.

It has a living room with really ugly drapes.

It has a ceiling.

We are officially old. We have a storm door on the front.

Fireplace that burns wood, real wood!!

Master Bedroom. It has a bathroom with a large open space above it. Not sure.

There is that mysterious woman in blue again!

It has mauve wallpaper. cute.

Two shell-shaped sinks and a closet with candles in it.

It has a kitchen!!

A BIG kitchen with a window over the sink.

And a ceiling fan!

And a light fixture that will be leaving. That closet is the laundry. The door to the far left is to the garage.

And now... the glorious back yard!

Cows live behind us.

Hello Cows!

View from the back of the back yard. In the middle there are two small fig trees and what appears to be blueberries. Not sure yet.

And that is where we will be living on or before June 6th!


Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see your photos of the house after you decorate. You have such good taste!

That backyard IS amazing and those trees! I love older homes, they always have such a uniqueness to them. Ours is slowly coming along too. I think ours was built in the 70s but we LOVE IT! It's been updated a bit but still has that charm and unique floorplan. Yeah for not having typical box houses!

I am jealous of those trees! I can see your kids playing in that back yard! You better post some photos of after you move in!

love ya!


cast in the name of god, ye not guilty said...

That yard.... wow.

Those curtains.... wow.