Thursday, May 29, 2008

This post is actually not about a house

Our quick trip to Austin was fun, stressful, hot, and great! Every time we travel overnight we remember why we hate traveling overnight! Kids slept great, but Carly was in our room and every time either of us moved (or breathed heavy) she would make a noise or sigh. So, while she never woke up, neither of us slept well, thinking that this move would be the one that made her wake up and scream at us. Anyway, that is not the point.

We haven't been to Austin in quite some time, and the last time we went we did not even go into the city at all. So this time when we drove past my alma mater (I hate that phrase, probably because I don't actually know what it means) Concordia University, I was surprised and sad to see a huge "A&R Demolition" sign hung from one of the tall buildings. As we drove by, I saw that the gym building has already been demolished, and the courtyard between the classroom buildings where the fountain was was all torn up too. I was kinda sad about it. Not that I had too many fond memories of the gym, since I think I entered that building twice, ever. But the fact that my school is going away made me a little sad. I always get sad when things get destroyed. Granted, half the buildings needed to be torn down anyway, but still. I think classes have been out for two weeks or some-odd, and the destruction is already coming along.

You see, the school has moved into the richy, woody, nature-preserve area of town. (Out 620 in the Bee Caves area if anyone wonders.) I have never seen the new property, nor am I that interested in seeing it. It's going to be very sheltered from the weirdness of Austin. There will be no homeless people on the corners, and no view of the split decks of IH-35, no constant road noise, no smelly surprise smell coming out of Texas Hall, no shortage of parking, no driving the blocks three minutes after class has already started STILL looking for a parking spot.

Here are some pictures of the destruction:

And some of the new campus:

So that's my blog for today.

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