Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Catching up.

I've been busier than usual lately and I love it! Just sewing and bowing and tending to the kiddos, but it's taken up all my time. Sunday we went to the zoo with my dad and Melinda, and got to see the elephants up close for several minutes. Caleb really loved them.. just stood at the fence and stared for at least 10 minutes. They were just lazily eating their hay, taking a drink of water every now and then. I have never really watched elephants that closely before. Their trunks are one huge weird-looking muscle that reminds me a lot of a giant gray earthworm. The way it scrunches up and stretches out was cool... and kinda oogy at the same time. And their tails definitely look like big dead snakes hanging off the end of their butts. Elephants are cool!! (Sorry Kennedy, maybe you will get to see one soon!) We snagged a season pass to the zoo so we'll get to see the elephants a lot more this summer.

Speaking of animals, we have one roaming our back yard. And it's not Ladybug! In the building behind the fence there are large piles of poop up on the shelves, so Greg set a small trap three nights in a row and put dog food in it. Twice the thing turned the trap, set it off, stole the food, and ran off. The third night, Greg secured it so it couldn't move, and the thing set it off but couldn't reach the food.. SO he called Tyler Animal Control and this morning a lady brought us out a big mama trap and chained it to the post in the building. She took one look at the poop piles and said "That's definitely a raccoon." She baited it with a can of wet dog food (or it could have been bean dip or cat food ha) . So we expect to hear the chain rattling in the night and hopefully we'll catch us a raccoon! Get that thing outta here!

Took Carly to her four month checkup yesterday, and she is perfectly normal, yay! Our new pediatrician is the one I used to go to when I was a kid! Not that many years ago either... Anyway I had forgotten how thorough he is.. I promise we were in there with him for an hour! I guess it's a good thing but I really didn't expect to be at that appointment for an hour and a half. I wonder if that's the way patient care is here in Tyler. It'll be nice to feel cared about everywhere we go.

We are planning a trip to Austin for the end of May, to see Caleb and Carly's cousins and our friends Brian and Tiana and Kennedy. Brian has never gotten to meet either of our kids, so we are really excited to meet up with them!

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