Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh boy, look what we've done now...

We made an offer on a house! Still waiting to hear back from the sellers and probably start playing that silly game of back-and-forth. It's a wonderful house in Whitehouse, but on the Tyler side of it, so easy access to Tyler and Whitehouse without having to drive the extra 5-10 minutes into and through Whitehouse traffic. (No, really, there is a lot of traffic inWhitehouse now!!) It is literally withing walking distance of the grocery store, or biking distance at least. We are joking (seriously) about getting Greg and basket for his bike to go get groceries.

Anyway, back to the house, it was built in 1985, has 4 bedrooms, which is perfect for Greg's home office, and a nice big kitchen with pretty updated appliances. The best thing is, it is CLEAN. Clean enough to move in tomorrow. It does have some outdated wallpaper and fixtures but nothing that I can't live with. And the yard..... it is almost indescribable. It is that awesome. The front is a fully shaded St. Augustine lawn with a HUGE oak tree surrounded by red and white azaleas (saw them on the MLS photo since it's now past azalea season) and mature crepe myrtle trees acting like a barrier against the morning sun and the neighbor's property. The back yard. Oh, the glorious back yard. It is fully landscaoped, and I mean fully, like a botanical garden with little patches of flower beds and gardens scattered throughout. The back of the yard overlooks a pasture with cows. It is also mostly shaded and just, whew. Awesome. I'm in love!

Caleb likes it too. He mae himself at home going in and out the doors, locking them, unlocking them, open, close, repeat x 5. The house has THREE back doors, a garage door, and a front door. Endless entertainment for my door-obsessed kiddo.

Now we are hoping the sellers will accept our offer or not counter too high. Trying not to get our hopes up.. yeah right... Read two paragraphs up.. !

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