Wednesday, May 21, 2008


My titles are more often than not about houses. Funny the things that are important enough for me to blog about.
We signed a contract today and it has already been delivered to the title company. 7 day option period, inspection tomorrow, already got funding 90% worked out, We are on track for a closing June 6th or before. This is going to be quick! Just the way we want it.
I forgot (again!) to take my camera to the house when we went today so there are still no pictures available. But believe me, it's beautiful!
But now for your viewing pleasure, is a different kind of beauty:
Watching Basketball

Silly face



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Jennifer said...

CUTE photos! Your family is so cute. We have the NBA stuff on over here too. Men right! Mike is a huge Pistons fan so that's always on and it's cute to see Natalie in his lap or Mike watching with him. Future basketball fans! Ay yi yi!

That carly is getting so big! She looks like she's the diva that loves to get her photo taken! Wait till her hair comes in, that's when it gets more fun having a daughter!