Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Let's face the music here

Alright, out with it.

I'm not a good cook.

I can bake like nobody's business, but give me raw meat and vegetables, and I'll probably ruin it on it's way to being dinner. I can't make sauces, and I don't season things right. But there's a bigger problem here.

I don't follow recipes well.

I don't pay attention much to measurements and quantities. That makes it pretty easy to mess up! Like the last time I made a roast, I skipped over the part where it said to marinate a 4-pound hunk of meat in 1 cup of red wine and one cup of water.. I had a 1.63-pound frozen rump and stuck it in with *probably* more than 1 cup of wine.. and forgot the water altogether. Result: nastiness in a slow-cooker. (yes, Grandma, I just applied the word nasty to food!)

Then there's the substitution problem... it calls for some dry onion soup mix, which I don't have, so I think I'm smart to Google "onion soup mix substitution." The list of ingredients if 18 long, and only three of those I've heard of: garlic salt, onion powder, and pepper. Guess that'll work... 3 out of 18 is enough right? ...and it tasted like blah.

I've tried to go more natural and domestic by making home-cooked meals for family. All I can say is, thank goodness for Stouffer's, Tyson, and DiGiorno!

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Strange family said...

this is where JAM's come in handy! :)