Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Everyone is a little psychotic

I've been thinking... random shower thoughts. Did you know that I very often compose blogs while in the shower? In my head, of course, and 99% never make it to the keyboard. It's unfortunate, because I do my best composing in the shower. One thing I started thinking about recently was how I can almost always, at any moment I am awake, tell you something on or in my body that either hurts, or is uncomfortable. I realize this more than likely qualifies me for a number of psychiatric disorders, but think about it yourself. Right now, what hurts? At 10:29 pm, my right thigh and hip hurts. I also have a light headache. My ring finger on my right hand has a hangnail that's throbbing. I'm actually feeling pretty good tonight!

This makes me curious. Am I the only insane person out there assessing my every body part for pain and discomfort? I think not. I'm betting about 100% of people have bouts with occasional hypochondria, am I right or am I right?

Like my undergrad psychology professor once said, everyone of us can be classified as "psychos".

Psych = mind
Disease = dis-ease = not at ease

See, we are all mental!

10:39 pm...... what hurts now? :-)

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