Sunday, March 02, 2008

Camo party pics

Caleb's birthday party was yesterday and he had a blast. We had soooooo many people in the house, and most of them were tall people. Caleb had three little friends, and my cousins got to come too, so there was plenty of representation by the short variety. It's a good thing it was 80 degrees out because we ended up opening gifts outside. You try getting a two-year-old inside who wants to be outside. Even presents couldn't convince him, so out we went. It was a beautiful day! The favorite activity of the party was throwing balloons over the fence into the neighbor's yard, with playing in Caleb's new tent coming in a close second.

The coolest camo cake ever:

doing what two-year-olds do best:

the cake is on fire!

this juice box is the cause of a disaster later:

Bi Tooooo (translation: big truuuuuuck)

Purple balloon! (two of Caleb's favorite words... sounds like "poopoo boor")

Yellow Balloon! (on the other side of the fence.)

The birthday boy

Carly thinks this party is boring.

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