Friday, March 28, 2008

The light at the end of the tunnel called "homeseller's purgatory"

The almost says it all! Let's see, the last I updated, we had almost lost our contract because the buyer ran out of option time. Since then we extended the option to Monday the 31st so he could get a structural engineer to check the foundation and erosion issues. (I won't call them problems because they aren't). The engineer came this morning and he told me his report will say there is nothing wrong with our foundation. Big sigh of relief there. I'm not sure what he is going to say about the erosion thing. He will either recommend a gutter in a certain location, or a retaining wall. The buyer wants a retaining wall, but maybe if the engineer says a gutter will do it he'll let it go. Either way, I'm pretty confident the sale will go through now that the foundation is known to be good. We have a couple of minor things to fix and then it should be smooth sailin' from there on out.

This retaining wall thing has been a thorn in our sides since we moved into this house. Problem is that it should have been there before they built the house, and now the builder can't (or won't) justify the expense to do it retroactively. They would have to take down the fences, and then put them back up into the wall, which would be a pain in the rear. Then there's the whole issue of building up the slope and putting in the wall. It would have been a lot easier if they had done it when there wasn't a house in their way... but what can you do..

In other moving news, our original rent house in Tyler turned out to have fleas, and rather than mess with treating them and/or living with them, we backed out of that house and went on the search for another. I thought it was a hopeless cause, and then a house popped up and we (read: Pam) jumped on it. Greg saw it yesterday and loves it even more than the first one. In fact he wondered why we liked the first one so much. This one is huge and cheap AND the pwner is nice AND there's no management company to hassle with.

It's great! SO, as of this minute, we are still moving the 5th! I have a lot to do!!

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