Wednesday, March 05, 2008

We got two offers

I am not joking either! We have one offer in the works for the house, and then this morning our agent calls to say he got another one.. the second isn't as good as the first (thank goodness; I really don't want to play that game) but it's still mighty ironic that we would get two offers at the same time after more than a year with nothing at all. At least we can trust now that God's timing won't be ignored! We will have to end up paying a little money to get out of it, but we always knew we would, and the people we are working with seem to be good people that won't flake on us. We are now waiting for them to get their prequal letter, sign some papers, and the rest. We are leary to really feel good about this, especially until we sign something, but our agent is not going to let them walk away. If all goes well, we should be out of here in 4-6 weeks!! It is nice to finally see an end point. Greg is in Tyler today and tomorrow and is going to look at a few rent houses in his free time. I am just glad to be at that point finally. I honestly don't care what we live in (ok I care a little) as long as Greg gets to come home every day! He is going to look at a 1940s house today and the lady said the ceilings are 7 foot. That is LOW. I think Greg will feel claustrophobic in a house that short. But this situation will be temporary for a couple of years, so we can definitely deal with a less-than-perfect place.

Our goal is to save money for a few years before we buy again. We are just so over this home-owning thing... two shaky experiences in a row (our own stupidity to blame) but we are just ready to take a break from all the responsibilities and taxes that come with it. We are going to try to start practicing Dave Ramsey's money principles, and in a few years be a cash-only family. (Dave teaches to pay cash for everything, never incur debt except a mortgage, and live well below your means. Basically, save your money before you buy things, and never take out loans or lines of credit.)

Well, that's the situation. Keep praying that it works out! We are going to keep the house listing "active" for a few more days just in case someone walk in with a 210k offer, but my days of cleaning in a frenzied rush are soon to be over!

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