Sunday, March 23, 2008


We had a little scare last night.. the buyer terminated the contract citing some foundation problem that doesn't exist. He misunderstood the inspection report, but it does look like we are going to have to put in an expensive retaining wall. Where we are going to get the money for that, I have no idea.... The builder should put in the wall, but we have already been turned down by them twice before, and it has been a constant battle. Two different inspecors have told us we needed one, and still they say it's "borderline" so they won't do it. Jerks! We will fight them to the end on this, because it has made our house almost unsaleable. Really, there isn't much of a problem with washing there, but it is a steep slope. We are lucky that our house doesn't have foundation problems - there are lots in the neighborhood that already do.

Our agent convinced the buyer to extend the option period, and he wants to get an engineer out to take a look at the slope. We are going to try to get Plantation to build the wall anyway, as a sign of good faith. His main concern is the foundation, because he thought the minor cracks in the corners were not normal, but they are really just paint cracks, and the inspetor said they are not unusual, which I take to mean normal wear and tear.

Keep praying for this to go through. I'm getting a little anxious now.

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