Thursday, February 28, 2008

Caleb is TWO today!

Today is the big day... my little baby boy is two!!!

So to celebrate I will post pics of his birthday two years ago.

And here is the story of his birth that I dug up:
well, Caleb Alan has arrived and is such a beautiful boy!!! Lemme brag onmyself for minute and say, all I had for pain was half a dose of Stadol in my IV and it was great! I asked for an epidural but it was too late - i was already at 8 cm and too close for it to do any good. now i'm glad i didn't get it. so here's the stats: checked in 6;52am IV started 7:30ish Pitocin started around 8:05 dr. broke my water at 8:40 AND THEN LABOR HIT ME HARD AND FAST! after about 4 hard contractions i asked for drugs. less than one hour later i had gone from 4 cm to 8 cm and was ready to push, i think, since the stadol makes it a bit hard to remember. I pushed for over and hour, and Caleb popped out at 11:16 am. That's right ladies, a three hour labor! HA, with no drugs except that wonderful stadol.
(Looks like Carly huh?)

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